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2015 Taipei International Book Exhibition to Tribute Maori Culture


The 2015 Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE), organized by the Taipei Book Fair Foundation (TBFF) under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, will take place at TWTC Exhibition Halls 1 and 3 from February 11 to 16. This year, TIBE will feature New Zealand as the Guest Country of Honor under the theme “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Books”. Special guests will include 2013 Man Booker Prize winner Eleanor Catton, blockbuster movie special effect production teams of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series, and a Maori performing arts group from New Zealand -- all to demonstrate New Zealand’s unique cultural charms as well as rich and diversified publications.

World Architecture News Award winner Andrew Patterson, who drew his inspiration from a “tokotoko”, a Maori traditional walking stick, designed the New Zealand theme pavilion. It is a tribute to literature, as the pavilion is constructed mainly out of paper, one of the most essential and important building blocks in literature and publications.

In addition, the exhibition will feature 22 authors from New Zealand, the largest group ever, including 10 internationally famous writers, 7 Maori writers, 2 illustrators, and 3 graphic novelists. Moreover, fascinating traditional Maori dances will be performed during the book fair. Plus, as sculpture is another essential part of Maori culture, the Guest of Honor pavilion will also feature a Maori sculpture master who will perform wood carving on site during the fair.

TIBE 2015 is using both TWTC Halls 1 & 3 and is categorized into the following sections: International Publishers, General Books, Digital Publishing, Comics & Animation, Children's Books, and Stationery. As always, theme pavilions will prove to be eye-catching stops and this year's are: the Guest of Honor country New Zealand Pavilion, Taiwan Publications, Book Prizes Winners, and Children’s Books Pavilion. More than 500 activities, including book launches and signings have been scheduled to satisfy every visitor’s desire for all types of literature.

With the aim of promoting reading among the younger generations, TIBE 2015 will be the first of all Asian book fairs to admit visitors under 18 free of charge; it is anticipated that around three million students aged 7-18 in Taiwan will take advantage of this benefit. In addition, students aged 18 and above will be eligible for 50 percent off the admission fee with valid forms of identification. As reading patterns grow more diversified, this preferential treatment for Taiwan’s youngsters will give them easier access to broader views and cultural education, while adding more characteristics and influence to the fair.

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Sources: TIBE 2015 Official Website and Internet News


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TITA Wins Eventex Green Events Award

Greentopia: Sustainable MICE City, a 2022 online campaign held by the International Trade Administration(TITA), MOEA through the MEET TAIWAN program, won in the Green Event category of the 2023 Eventex Awards, demonstrating global recognition of Taiwan's achievements in promoting sustainable MICE events.The 2023 Eventex Awards are organized by Eventex, an internationally acknowledged event marketing organization composed of global marketing professionals. The Awards recognize the world's most outstanding, and innovative international marketing and experience events.The awards are divided into six major categories: Event, Brand, Marketing, Virtual Event, Technology and Supplier. There were 761 applications from 49 countries, which is the most number of applications in the Awards' history.Greentopia is an innovative online multinational campaign held by the International Trade Administrationin 2022 for marketing and promoting Taiwan’s sustainable MICE events. It combined core concepts such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and carbon neutrality, soliciting creative sustainable MICE event proposals from all over the world. 1,012 proposals from 21 countries were received. The awards ceremony implemented many carbon reduction measures, such as e-check-in, an LED stage board, and digital promotion materials rather than paper handouts. The campaign was novel and fresh, utilizing digital technology to reduce environmental burden, winning unanimous praise from the jury.Greentopia's goal succeeded by having a professional jury select five outstanding winners from Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. Each winner can use the prize money to organize a MICE event in Taiwan that will fulfill their proposal’s content and promote sustainable MICE events.One of the winners, the Singaporean team, already visited Taiwan this past May to implement the content of their proposal. For the first time, senior executives expatriated in various countries were invited to Taiwan for a Sustainable Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Summit. The main theme focused on corporate sustainability issues. The Summit provided participants with a platform for brainstorming, knowledge transfer and interactive exchanges, while a number of green environmental protection practices (such as paperless, encouraging the use of public transportation, and more) were applied. During the second half of this year, the other four award-winning teams are actively planning to come to Taiwan to hold their MICE events.The TITA stated it will continue to promote the sustainable development of the MICE industry and strengthen the marketing of Taiwan's sustainable MICE brand image to attract business people from all over the world to come to Taiwan to participate in and hold MICE events. Taiwan aims to be a prime destination for global MICE events, creating more business opportunities and driving industry, economic and trade development to the next level.Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs


COMPUTEX closed on a High Note AI Set off a Wave of High-Performance Computing COMPUTEX Returned to Glory

The 2023 COMPUTEX successfully concluded today, the first physical exhibition after the border was opened, attracting a huge crowd of visitors. During the 4-day show, 47,594 professionals from 150 countries, a 12% increase compared to before the pandemic in 2019. The top ten countries/region of visitors were Japan, the United States, Korea, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, and Indonesia. COMPUTEX 2023 took "Together we create " as its call, successfully re-gathered the abundant energy of the global technology ecosystem after the pandemic, and worked with leading technology companies and startups in Taiwan and globally to promote a super-smart technology life.Aiming at Smart, High-Performance Computing, AI Empowerment Opens up Infinite PossibilitiesHigh-performance computing is booming with the continuous expansion of AI applications and the support of 5G technology. According to the forecast of Research and Markets, the global AI-driven high-performance computing market will reach 37.4 billion US dollars in 2028. This year's COMPUTEX is closely related to smart AI and high-performance computing. Exhibitors presented high-performance computing products and solutions, and the forum and activities also demonstrated the potential of high-performance computing and applications.Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, the top AI computing company, took the lead in the COMPUTEX Keynote the day before the exhibition. He showed the AI chip H100 and the world's first accelerated computing processor, Grace HOPPER. He revealed that whoever has the "computing power" will grasp the future AI trend. The fact that any device will be able to perform AI calculations in the future will completely change the way of human communication and interaction and even the way of life.GIGABYTE also took "Future of Computing" as the exhibition theme, showcasing innovative industry applications such as AI/HPC super chip servers, advanced data centers, industrial computers and IoT, and green computer rooms. Realtek, a global network chip manufacturer, showcased products, including the AI computing USB camera chip RTS5863, which has a built-in self-developed edge computing machine vision engine. TWS, a subsidiary of ASUS, combined with Taiwania 2 supercomputer, released Taiwan's first traditional Chinese version of the enterprise language model, FFM, and an enterprise-level high-security generative formula AI solution, AI Foundry Service (AFS).Technology Giants Spoke on the Industry's Futuristic TrendsThe highlight of the show—the COMPUTEX Keynote, focused on the trend of high-performance computing, including six industry leaders from NVIDIA, Qualcomm, NXP, Acer, Supermicro, and Arm, who came to COMPUTEX to talk about cross-generation technological innovation and industry hot topics. NVIDIA shared that accelerated computing and how AI symbolized the reshaping of computing power, and humanity is at the turning point of a new era of computing. Qualcomm emphasized that hybrid AI combining edge computing and cloud computing will be a new type of AI in the future. NXP focused on cloud computing, generative AI, big data, machine learning, and other technology. Supermicro indicated that the application of AI is increasing, and the demand for high-end AI design servers is also rising; Arm pointed out that the current growth of computing requirements has exceeded the industry's imagination.Acer Chairman and CEO Jason Chen demonstrated the application of AI in multiple aspects, such as healthcare, transportation, and new energy. Acer also cooperated with TAITRA to launch the Earth Mission APP. As a result, the number of downloads during the exhibition reached 3000, and COMPUTEX will plant trees in the Amazon rainforest through the non-profit organization One Tree Planted. In addition, the COMPUTEX Forum, held simultaneously during the exhibition, focused on metaverse, semiconductors, and sustainable development. It gathered senior executives and expert representatives from Taiwan and globally to share future insights on the industry.InnoVEX Builds a New Global Village and Senior Venture Capitalists Praise Resource IntegrationInnoVEX, a global startup matching platform, gathered nearly 400 participating teams from 22 countries this year, bringing together creative minds and venture capital funds worldwide and attracting 23,726 visitors. Among the activities, winning the InnoVEX 2023 Pitch Contest was the goal of the startup teams. In the end, the Blumind team of Canada won the first prize with an analog semiconductor architecture.Tom Vanhoutte, CEO of Belgian venture capital, imec.Xpand, pointed out, “ InnoVEX and COMPUTEX are an interesting integration. Visitors not only get in touch with mature manufacturers who have been working on the manufacturing side for a long time but also witness the creative energy of the startup teams. Moreover, the powerful technological ecological chain of COMPUTEX is more conducive to establishing industry contacts in a short period of time and promotes more possibilities for future cooperation.”During the show, a variety of activities took place at COMPUTEX. The COMPUTEX procurement meetings matched 141 heavyweight buyers from 37 countries in 448 sessions. The guided tour was led by industry KOLs such as technology expert Dr. J Class, Afra, Aotter Girls, and more, to unbox the exhibition, bringing new perspectives on technology from different angles. The CPX on Air provided up-to-the-minute and complete coverage of events and trends during the show, serving online audiences who couldn’t visit the exhibition venue in person.


MEET TAIWAN's Transformed Training Project—MICE Salon—Cultivates a New Generation of MICE Professionals

In April of 2023, as a response to the global labor shortage and changes in the MICE industry following the pandemic, the MEET TAIWAN program, organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan and executed by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), launched an MICE talent training project that aims to cultivate new talent for the MICE industry, focusing on innovation and professionalism. Both the first and second sessions of the project's course were fully booked.  For 2023, let's explore the new updates and attractions of this revamped MICE talent training project, now call MICE Salon.MEET TAIWAN places great emphasis on the cultivation of MICE talents. Development of young professionals and the transfer of experience are vital aspects of MEET TAIWAN's training efforts. MICE Salon focuses on digital technology, sustainable MICE, MICE marketing, and MICE design. Monthly courses are scheduled, as well as online instructional short videos and MICE talent matchmaking expos to provide a more systematic learning platform for the young generation of MICE professionals. These initiatives aim to bridge the gap between the industry and emerging talents, offering opportunities for them to become aware of and keep up with industry trends.The concept of MICE Salon was derived from the salons that were popular in 17th and 18th-century France. The original meaning referred to gatherings that promote mutual exchange and self-improvement in a pleasant environment. The MICE Salon series of courses embraces the salon spirit. In addition to the curriculum, the Salon serves as an ideal platform for communication and learning among MICE professionals and those interested in entering the MICE field. It provides an opportunity for networking and enhancing communication skills while fostering a sense of community within the MICE industry.The newly designed MICE Salon logo embodies the concept of career path and a shining future. The color purple represents professionalism, fuchsia conveys a sense of vibrancy, and gold symbolizes charm. Together, they reflect the essence of MICE Salon as a project that enhances professionalism while being dynamic and captivating. The letters MICE are initials for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. The two triangular shapes represent two individuals engaged in communication and dialogue, with the white space between them symbolizing a pathway to reach the shining star above. Overall, the logo epitomizes the journey of participants as they embark on a top-notch career path after undergoing professional training, making their future shine even brighter.MICE Salon logoThe first session took place on April 27 with great fanfare. Ultra Combos Interactive Design Co., Ltd., known for their expertise in integrating software, hardware, aesthetics, and technology to design digital experiences, was invited to lead the session. They guided the participants through the process of how to leverage popular digital technologies by combining immersive experiences and innovative entertainment with exhibitions. The event was packed with attendees, and the interaction was lively.