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Taoyuan Convention and Exhibition Center Completed in March


The Taoyuan Convention and Exhibition Center is a development of the Taoyuan City Government in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs at a cost of approximately NT$4.66 billion. The convention center and the exhibition hall were planned separately. The exhibition hall is being completed in March 2023, and will serve as a main venue for the 2023 Hakka Expo; while the convention center is planned to be completed in September 2023. The completed Center will become an important landmark for Taoyuan and a key place for international travelers to attend international conferences. The surrounding area connects to the Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts and other locations sure to be popular for visitors, providing a geographical advantage for international travelers to attend international conferences and experience Taiwan culture. This Center will enhance Taoyuan’s competitiveness in the international MICE industry, and promote international economic and trade exchanges and development in Taiwan.

The 2023 Hakka Expo, to be held in the Center's exhibition hall in August, will feature a Taiwan Pavilion to showcase the characteristics of Taiwan’s Hakka culture. After completion of the convention center in September, the city government will cooperate with colleges and industries to hold important international conventions, promoting the development of local diversity.

The Taoyuan Convention and Exhibition Center consists of a one-story basement and 7-stories above ground, with a base area of approximately 28,672 square meters. The convention center will have conference rooms suitable for 2,000, 1,500, 800, 250, and 100 people, as well as multi-functional public spaces. The exhibition hall will have space for 600 booths, and a shopping area with 700 parking spaces for cars and 600 parking spaces for motorcycles. The outdoor space is planned as a stage and a public rest area, adding to a comprehensive convention and exhibition center capable of hosting a variety of functions, such as exhibitions, art and cultural displays, large gatherings, conferences, and shopping.

The architectural design of the Taoyuan Convention and Exhibition Center was inspired by the name Taoyuan (meaning "peach garden"). The building's exterior design is based on a peach blossom forest, with a rhythm of light and shadows mimicking the interaction of peach blossoms and daylight, forming a unique indoor visual effect through a tunnel of light and shadows and a impluvium carpeted with fallen leaves. Upon completion, the Taoyuan Convention and Exhibition Center, matched with the advantages of its proximity to the airport, MRT, and high-speed rail, will have a synergistic effect together with the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center and TWTC, driving the overall economic and industrial development of northern Taiwan.



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