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CYBERSEC 2023 Gathered 200 Experts and Over 300 Cybersecurity Brands


The 9th CYBERSEC took place from May 911 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. This year, the overall scale of the event grew by 30% compared to last year, with 18,000 registered participants, over 300 exhibiting brands, and nearly 900 booths in the exhibition venue. In addition, the three-day event showcased 15 concurrent conference sessions, and more than 200 domestic and foreign cybersecurity experts shared their knowledge, from conference discussions to exhibition interactions, creating a premier platform for cybersecurity exchange and development.

On the first day of the conference, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen, along with the heads of first-level ministries, attended and addressed the conference, saying, "CYBERSEC has become the most significant cybersecurity event in the Asia Pacific region. In the past few years, Taiwan has been actively promoting the 'cybersecurity is national security' strategy and has advanced to 2.0. Specific achievements include the legislation of the Cyber Security Management Act, the establishment of the Administration for Cyber Security, and the establishment of the National Institute for Cyber Security in February of this year. We will ensure digital homeland security with a national-level cybersecurity team, deepen international cooperation, and build a joint domestic and international cybersecurity defense system. In the face of the ever-present challenges of cybersecurity, Taiwan needs to continuously strengthen its response capability and management mechanism. The government will promote domestic self-developed cybersecurity products and services and encourage investment in cybersecurity innovations. Cybersecurity requires the combined efforts of all, and the government will work with industry and private experts to build an internationally trusted cybersecurity system and industry chain."

CYBERSEC 2023 held over 30 cybersecurity forums

Since the impact of cybersecurity covers aspects of technology, management and policy, this year's conference planned more than 30 thematic forums to focus on important cybersecurity trends and issues, providing a comprehensive view of the cybersecurity industry and industrial cybersecurity. The diverse and wide-ranging topics included Blue Team, Red Team, DevSecOps & SecOps, Web3, Cyber Leadership, CISO, CMMC, AI security, Supply Chain security, FINSEC, Anti-Ransomware, Zero Trust, Software Security, Cloud Security, Cybersecurity Governance, Threat Research, security in Electric and Self-driving Vehicles, Security Awareness Training, Cybersecurity Certifications, CyberTalent, and other emerging cybersecurity issues.

6th CYBER TAIWAN PAVILION brought together 48 cybersecurity companies

The CYBER TAIWAN PAVILION, jointly established by the Administration for Digital Industries, Moda and iThome, was a great stage for Taiwan's cybersecurity to shine and thrive. This year, the PAVILION gathered 48 top Taiwanese cybersecurity companies to showcase Taiwan's abundant independent research and development capabilities and diverse and forward-looking cybersecurity solutions through four main themes: transformation to zero trust in network security, semiconductor industrial control protection, 5G technology security and IoT product security.

CyberTalent: a talent recruitment, training, career development and exchange platform

In response to the shortage of cyber talent, CYBERSEC established CyberTalent to provide career development, skills training and experience exchange for talent development through CyberTalent seminars and forums, as well as on-site recruitment and vocational skill assessment.

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