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IT Month Kaohsiung on Stage in December 4G Leads to Booming Technical Innovation


IT Month, Taiwan’s most iconic information technology exhibition, is reaching its third stop at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center from December 25 through 30, 2014. The theme for 2014 IT Month is “Spring up a new century with energized innovation”, pointing out new life style options with the newly launched 4G network and innovative broad band applications. A total of 16 companies with pioneering innovation and R&D capabilities will exhibit at the theme pavilion and eight major industry trends will be revealed covering health care, convenient cloud applications, wireless charging, wireless sensor techniques, and intelligent home appliances, and two more. Through clear and easy-to-understand demonstrations at the pavilion, visitors will get to understand how various needs and functions in our daily life can be linked with the 4G network and experience innovation brought by high speed.

The 4G network has just been formally launched in Taiwan this year, and the bigger band width along with higher speed will lead to more possibilities for digital information transformation and applications, while more creativity and imagination are allowed to form the base for innovative technology. The technical application of cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and AV transmission will upgrade dramatically through 4G, which should lead to all kinds of changes in our life from daily necessities to leisure. In addition, the development and application of IT-related industries are reaching the mature stage and intelligent cloud, medical treatment, communication, household, education, and related sectors have become hot topics of the IT and telecommunication industry. The fact that various products can be linked through mobile internet, IoT, and cloud, plus the diversified development of the terminal device, will enable product and service providers to offer more options in their content.

Over the years photography has become a spotlight issue among all 3C devices and the sales of both bridge and monocular cameras continue to rise. More and more people enjoy sharing their photos and work through Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and other social groups. To catch up with the trend, a photography class is scheduled during IT Month-Kaohsiung. Professional lecturers will demonstrate how to catch every fascinating moment with the camera, while interactive teaching on studio shots and practical exercise are also arranged for participants to learn quickly.

Each year all major 3C brands from home and abroad join forces during IT Month to launch their best products and incentives of the year. This event serves not only to promote IT applications in Taiwan, it more importantly serves as a platform for providing the public with 3C information, related education, and services. This event is Taiwan's premier domestic IT and telecommunication exhibition.

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Source: 2014 IT Month-Kaohsiung Official Website


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