Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program

Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program

Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program (MEET TAIWAN)

Since 2009, the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has been dedicated to improving Taiwan's MICE industry. For continued investment in the industry, Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program (MEET TAIWAN) was launched to steer Taiwan’s MICE industry to shine on the global stage.

Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program is aimed at turning Taiwan into a leader for outstanding MICE services with the long-term objective to enhance the quality and efficiency of services, strengthen Taiwan’s brand, and sharpen the nation’s competitive edge in the global market, making Taiwan a top destinations for MICE business.

Services Available for Domestic and International MICE Companies

Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program (MEET TAIWAN) provides incentives and measures to seek more business opportunities and boost industry growth:

1. Organize Overseas Promotion Delegations

The program is aimed to extend the reach and facilitate global partnerships for MICE companies by putting together delegations to join overseas conferences or incentive tours and holding promotional meetings or arranging visits to foreign counterparts in the MICE industry. 

2. Hold Matchmaking Meetings for Target Markets

The program focuses on emerging markets that have promise and potential. To boost business exchange, cross-straits procurement meetings are held to bring together more companies from both Taiwan and China for mutual growth, whereas cross-national strategic alliances are built to enhance the international competitiveness of Taiwan’s companies. Services are also provided for local companies to organize trade shows overseas to polish the MICE brand of Taiwan.

3. Bring International Meetings to Taiwan

Local companies and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are welcome to take advantage of the program's resources, ranging from opportunity allocation, bidding assistance, database formation, to counseling and other services to strive for an increase in international conferences and incentive tours in Taiwan.

4. Increase Competitiveness 

To provide personal counseling, experts from various fields join forces in a special team. It is hoped with the help of professionals can Taiwan's MICE industry can be taken to a new high , so that Taiwan’s MICE industry will become international, high-tech, sophisticated, and green on various levels and capable of competing in the global arena. 

5. Provide Cloud Services for New Shows and Conferences

Ubiquitous internet service is the key for the upgrade of the MICE industry, such as establishment of portal websites, social networks, or the very new and popular mobile applications. To seize this opportunity, the program provides cloud technology services for organizers of new shows and conferences to enhance the promotion.

6. Provide Subsidy to Bring in International Shows and Flexible Entry Permit

To attract more international conferences, exhibitions and incentive tours, the program provides subsidy in the hope to broaden the scope of the local MICE industry. Under the policy of flexible entry permits , MICE visitors from foreign countries or China could also obtain visas within a shorter period of time.

7. Provide Energy Saving Counseling Services for MICE Events and Venues

Green MICE is a global trend. To synchronize local trade shows and venues in sync with the international standard regarding environmental protection and energy saving, the program provides services to find problems in this regard and propose possible solutions to help organizers save energy and become greener.

8. Present Taiwan MICE Awards

The annual Taiwan MICE Awards are aimed to stimulate the growth of outstanding MICE companies, strengthen the MICE brand of Taiwan and foster an upgrade advancement of the entire industry. Excellent MICE events are chosen every year and awarded the prestigious accolade. 

Taiwan MICE Training and Certification Project

The role of the Taiwan MICE Training and Certification Project is to develop MICE related talent as well as a MICE expertise certification system. To perform at the highest standard, MICE professionals require knowledge, proficiency and extensive experience to deliver their services.

MICE Talent Development

1. Create a selection mechanism as well as an evaluation mechanism for students upon completion of the courses

2. Establish framework of cooperation between academia and industry sectors, strengthen interaction between the sectors

3. Research and analyze talent development systems of other countries , compile the information into written reports, and customize a talent development system for Taiwan

4. Invite professional lecturers from international exhibition organizations and world renowned exhibition companies to offer courses in Taiwan. About half of the lecturers will be from overseas

5. Talent development courses: Offer courses aimed at developing professional MICE talent such as "Design and construction of exhibition space", "Stage planning and design", "Master of ceremonies and host/hostess training",International bidding", "Exhibition marketing", "Event planning and management" and "MICE industry focused seminars" amounting to a total of 20 courses and at least 600 hours.

MICE Talent Certification

1. Establish a certification systems for mid and advanced level talent

2. Utilize professional books from overseas as certification material and create a review mechanism

3. Research and analyze talent development systems of IAEE, ICCA and UFI and compile written reports

4. To hold entry level MICE certification training and 1 certification session; 4 sessions of the certification course will be opened

5. Review the current MICE talent certification system in regards to any needs of modification and periodically provide reports to BOFT for reference

6. Establish cooperation mechanisms with major international associations for talent certification. Explore opportunities for Taiwan to host certification courses of International MICE associations and in the process create an internationally compatible certification system