Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program

Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program

  • Who we are?

    Taiwan MICE Promotion Program (also known as MEET TAIWAN) is the main MICE window to Taiwan, serving to promote Taiwan to the world as a choice MICE destination. MEET TAIWAN is implemented by the MICE Project Office, sponsored by the International Trade Administration, and is a provider of a wide range of MICE-related services.

  • What we do?

    MEET TAIWAN promotes Taiwan as a premier destination for international conferences and business events and offers the following services.

    • Bid Assistance

      Assist with bid, promotion, and host processes of international conferences (including government, financial, visa, and more).

    • Support for business events held in Taiwan

      Venue and itinerary suggestions, administrative aid, and local partner information and matching.

    • Sustainable Business Events

      Assist with implementing sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions.

    • MICE Research

      Offer insight into the development of the industry and regularly published Taiwan MICE economic indicator reports.

    • MICE Training & Certification

      Provide systematic and all-round training and certification services for MICE talents, including campus training, domestic and international certification, job matchmaking, and the MICE Salon, an exclusive on-the-job training program.


    When it comes to organizing your business events in Taiwan, MEET TAIWAN is here for you.

    1. Non-profit, financially supported and backed by the International Trade Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, our services are free and unbiased.
    2. Professional and passionate people with a mass of experience who are capable of assisting with MICE-related business.
    3. Customized MICE services based on individual requirements.
    4. Abundant contact resources, including Taiwan Trade Centers overseas, local suppliers, and connections with governmental units, etc.