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  • Primasia conference & Business Center

    Primasia Taipei Conference Center was opened in 2003, near the MRT station and Taipei Songshan Airport. There are 13 multifunction meeting room with the finest facilities which give you the great experiences.

  • The Lees Hotel

    The company’s core culture is based on the artistic persistence and the corporate governance of the founder Dr. Lee Deng Mu; with a background in arts, architecture and business, Dr. Lee uses his natural acuity for business management and arts and culture and established a five star hotel complete with humanities, services, aesthetics, and facilities. The aim of the hotel is to treat the guests with honor. Also, by creating a living space full of aesthetic and cultural ambience, guests can easily encounter antiques, paintings and other art works in the lobby, hallways, or other unexpected places.

    The aesthetic of the building
    The design of the building is based on the Chinese character “zun”, which in ancient times refers to the utensil the emperor uses to drink wine. By using the shape of the word as an exterior design expresses the company’s respect towards guests and staffs. The building material uses granite panels to express a sense of honor, glory and generosity. The main wall is Italian styled with four different colors of imported pearl mosaic panels and shifts color under different angles of sunlight.

    The aesthetic of the spaces
    The lobby is presented with the simple and modest modern new classical and decoration art styles. The overall design uses marble floors and maple wood integrated with indirect lightings along with a collection of many art works. The ten meter high ceiling atrium uses metal and glass to design a large modernistic overhead art piece, echoing with the restaurants on the second floor. The abstract paintings painted by the founder Dr. Lee Deng Mu are hanged on the lobby walls, adding a spacious and imposing ambience to the lobby.

  • Grandu Nature Park

    Our vision is to develop into an international wetland center which offers high-quality services, an ecological richness, diverse education programs, and public participation activities.

    Our mission is to educate all our visitors – school students, school teachers, families and corporations – through different activities about wetlands and so inspire them to protect the wetlands in Taiwan.

  • Taipei NGO Assembly Hall

    The location of Taipei NGO Assembly Hall was originally the office of Chi-Sing Irrigation Association during Japanese Colonial Period; in the 90s, the office is moved to Shilin and the building was wasted for years. Later on, the association donated the building to Taipei City Government, and the NGO Assembly Hall was established.

    Considering that NGO is very active in Taiwan and over the world, Taipei City Bureau of Civil Affairs promoted the establishment of “Taipei NGO Assembly Hall” as a place for all NGO activities and seminars in the hope to develop an interactive mechanism between citizens, private organizations and public units.

    It is expected that Taipei NGO Assembly Hall can be a platform for the interaction with international NGOs, the presentation of civil society, the mechanism of autonomy, and the factory of grassroots force, and to further unite social force of NGO, cultivate NGO talents and to maximize the social function of the assembly hall.

  • 花蓮美崙飯店


  • Yongkang District Socialist Education Center

    Yongkang District Social Education Center was formerly the township library, which was established in July 1987. In 1993, Yongkang Township was upgraded to Yongkang City and the library was then renamed as the Yongkang City Library. In the past decade, a surge in population took place; to meet the demand, the city office began to seek funds for the building of a new structure. Construction of the new building commenced in 1998, and the new center was opened in September 2001. The City Council made a resolution to rename the old Yongkang City Library as Yongkang City Social Education Center and placed the authority of its supervision under the Civil Affairs Section of Yongkang City Office. The scope of services was expanded to include a venue for exhibitions and performances and classrooms for learning

  • Training Center, CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC)