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TITA Wins Eventex Green Events Award


Greentopia: Sustainable MICE City, a 2022 online campaign held by the International Trade Administration(TITA), MOEA through the MEET TAIWAN program, won in the Green Event category of the 2023 Eventex Awards, demonstrating global recognition of Taiwan's achievements in promoting sustainable MICE events.

The 2023 Eventex Awards are organized by Eventex, an internationally acknowledged event marketing organization composed of global marketing professionals. The Awards recognize the world's most outstanding, and innovative international marketing and experience events.

The awards are divided into six major categories: Event, Brand, Marketing, Virtual Event, Technology and Supplier. There were 761 applications from 49 countries, which is the most number of applications in the Awards' history.

Greentopia is an innovative online multinational campaign held by the International Trade Administrationin 2022 for marketing and promoting Taiwan’s sustainable MICE events. It combined core concepts such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and carbon neutrality, soliciting creative sustainable MICE event proposals from all over the world. 1,012 proposals from 21 countries were received. The awards ceremony implemented many carbon reduction measures, such as e-check-in, an LED stage board, and digital promotion materials rather than paper handouts. The campaign was novel and fresh, utilizing digital technology to reduce environmental burden, winning unanimous praise from the jury.

Greentopia's goal succeeded by having a professional jury select five outstanding winners from Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. Each winner can use the prize money to organize a MICE event in Taiwan that will fulfill their proposal’s content and promote sustainable MICE events.

One of the winners, the Singaporean team, already visited Taiwan this past May to implement the content of their proposal. For the first time, senior executives expatriated in various countries were invited to Taiwan for a Sustainable Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Summit. The main theme focused on corporate sustainability issues. The Summit provided participants with a platform for brainstorming, knowledge transfer and interactive exchanges, while a number of green environmental protection practices (such as paperless, encouraging the use of public transportation, and more) were applied. During the second half of this year, the other four award-winning teams are actively planning to come to Taiwan to hold their MICE events.

The TITA stated it will continue to promote the sustainable development of the MICE industry and strengthen the marketing of Taiwan's sustainable MICE brand image to attract business people from all over the world to come to Taiwan to participate in and hold MICE events. Taiwan aims to be a prime destination for global MICE events, creating more business opportunities and driving industry, economic and trade development to the next level.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs


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TITA leads digital transformation of the MICE industry and achieves fruitful results

To promote digital transformation of the MICE industry, the International Trade Administration (TITA) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has promoted the "EXPO-TECH Digital Exhibition Pilot Project" and conducted demonstrations at the Taiwan Hardware Show and Kaohsiung Food Show in October this year. By demonstrating a variety of digital exhibition solutions, it has helped professional exhibition organizers (PEO) move towards digitalization and green transformation.This year, TITA has expanded its cooperation with domestic technological companies by introducing new forms of digital exhibition technology to events, which has provided participants with a new exhibition experience. For example, utilizing low-carbon and low-power full color e-paper technology to create an "Energy-efficient Digital Poster", and implementing reusable "electronic identification cards" and "digital exhibit tags" to foster green exhibition transformation.In addition, through the "XR Interactive Experience Zone" at the Kaohsiung Food Show, visitors were able to appreciate the sustainable management philosophy of the Kaohsiung Yungan Fishermen's Association from the production site to the table, which gained high recognition from partners. These 2 exhibitions presented 6 exhibition technologies that achieved fruitful results and induced many MICE industry PEOs to anticipate more business opportunities in the future.