2014 Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program Innovative Event Marketing Increases Taiwan’s MICE Reputation


Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program, organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Bureau of Foreign Trade, has entered its third consecutive year in 2015. Apart from its continuous aim to consolidate the international image and competitiveness of Taiwan’s MICE brand “MEET TAIWAN”, it has also generated a variety of innovative strategies, such as event marketing schemes that combine virtual and real-life familiarization competitions, successfully promoting Taiwan’s MICE brand to the world.

In overseas marketing, the MICE Promotion Program led domestic industry representatives to attend four significant international conference and incentive tour exhibitions in Thailand, Germany, Japan, and Shanghai, plus formed four overseas promotion groups to organize a number of promotional briefings in Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and Northeast Asia. Two familiarization tours (fam tour) to Taiwan provided potential overseas industries and media visitors a specialized look at Taiwan, highlighting software and hardware advantages related to holding international conventions and incentive travel in Taiwan.

The first ever "Asia Super Team" competition took place in 2014. Combined with internet activities and a fam tour to Taiwan, the event reinforced the popularity of Taiwan’s MICE brand in its five target countries, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In addition to social media marketing through electronic and print media, including the event's official website and Facebook, contestants were invited to participate in a trial-marketing team competition in Taiwan; both competitors and voters extended their influence as Taiwan’s corporate incentive travel ambassadors, simultaneously achieving word-of-mouth marketing and effectively raising the international visibility of Taiwan’s MICE industry.

In 2014, interior panoramic images of select exhibition and conference venues were made accessible on the MEET TAIWAN website, a pioneering service for the global MICE industry. The website offers 360-degree views of Taiwan’s five main convention and exhibition venues: the Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei International Convention Center, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, and International Convention Center Kaohsiung, enabling instant online browsing for potential overseas PEOs, PCOs, and NGOs. This industry leading service not only grants Taiwan’s MICE industry with more rapid business opportunities, it also enhances its global and cutting edge image.

Another Taiwan first, the Promotion Program adopted Event Sustainability Management Systems (ISO 20121), a London developed protocol for the 2012 Olympic Games, to promote Green MICE and sustainable environments. Both the Eco-Products International Fair 2014 (EPIF 2014) and the 9th Asian MICE Forum (AMF 2014) have become the first exhibition and conference in Taiwan to receive ISO 20121 certification, as well as the first to be issued ISO 20121 certifications by SGS in Asia. Adoption of the systems has also assisted the 2014 TPCA Show and Taipei International Convention Center in receiving carbon footprint calculation and international Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifier certification. This signifies a promising start for Taiwan’s advocacy of Green MICE, and ensures our leading position among Green MICE countries in Asia.

To assist the domestic MICE industry with solving cash flow problems when campaigning for or executing large-scale international conventions, exhibitions, and government events, the Promotion Program developed the 2014 MICE Industry Funding Brief to guide domestic MICE contractors on how to apply for financial assistance from the Government’s Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund, so as to strengthen corporate credit, risk share, and improve on the bank’s willingness to approve financing.

Looking to 2015, the Promotion Program will continue to operate according to its existing framework, which includes the core functions of marketing communication, MICE service, industry research, and professional consulting by using innovative approaches to increase advertising reach. In addition, the “Taiwan MICE Bonus Tour” is currently underway, aiming at Mainland China’s corporate incentive travel as its target market. The event is collaborating with local governments that are counseled by the Promotion Program, introducing quality local activities, transportation subsidies, ticketing assistance, sponsorship of cultural performances, dining guides, and other services to attract more corporate incentive tours to Taiwan.

The Asian MICE Forum (AMF), a significant MICE brand originally established in Taiwan, is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2015. The Promotion Program will use this opportunity to enlarge the scale of our participation in the Forum, introducing new exhibitions and activities, such as the Promotion Program’s achievement exhibition, a "MICE Policy White Paper" presentation, a campaign for hosting rights to ICCA’s core summit (with a preference for Kaohsiung), and others to expand the event into a full “MICE Week”. In 2015, we will continue to organize a series of event-marketing activities under the "Asia Super Team" theme in six target markets: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will also be introduced to the industry with a focus on issues of public concern, reinforcing Taiwan’s image as a top destination for corporate conferences and incentive travel by appealing through integration of international public services and charity work. Our endeavor is to effectively improve the international visibility of Taiwan MICE through domestic and international marketing, and provide opportunities for international collaboration in hopes of expanding the scale of Taiwan's MICE industry.




MEET TAIWAN's Transformed Training Project—MICE Salon—Cultivates a New Generation of MICE Professionals

In April of 2023, as a response to the global labor shortage and changes in the MICE industry following the pandemic, the MEET TAIWAN program, organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan and executed by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), launched an MICE talent training project that aims to cultivate new talent for the MICE industry, focusing on innovation and professionalism. Both the first and second sessions of the project's course were fully booked.  For 2023, let's explore the new updates and attractions of this revamped MICE talent training project, now call MICE Salon.MEET TAIWAN places great emphasis on the cultivation of MICE talents. Development of young professionals and the transfer of experience are vital aspects of MEET TAIWAN's training efforts. MICE Salon focuses on digital technology, sustainable MICE, MICE marketing, and MICE design. Monthly courses are scheduled, as well as online instructional short videos and MICE talent matchmaking expos to provide a more systematic learning platform for the young generation of MICE professionals. These initiatives aim to bridge the gap between the industry and emerging talents, offering opportunities for them to become aware of and keep up with industry trends.The concept of MICE Salon was derived from the salons that were popular in 17th and 18th-century France. The original meaning referred to gatherings that promote mutual exchange and self-improvement in a pleasant environment. The MICE Salon series of courses embraces the salon spirit. In addition to the curriculum, the Salon serves as an ideal platform for communication and learning among MICE professionals and those interested in entering the MICE field. It provides an opportunity for networking and enhancing communication skills while fostering a sense of community within the MICE industry.The newly designed MICE Salon logo embodies the concept of career path and a shining future. The color purple represents professionalism, fuchsia conveys a sense of vibrancy, and gold symbolizes charm. Together, they reflect the essence of MICE Salon as a project that enhances professionalism while being dynamic and captivating. The letters MICE are initials for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. The two triangular shapes represent two individuals engaged in communication and dialogue, with the white space between them symbolizing a pathway to reach the shining star above. Overall, the logo epitomizes the journey of participants as they embark on a top-notch career path after undergoing professional training, making their future shine even brighter.MICE Salon logoThe first session took place on April 27 with great fanfare. Ultra Combos Interactive Design Co., Ltd., known for their expertise in integrating software, hardware, aesthetics, and technology to design digital experiences, was invited to lead the session. They guided the participants through the process of how to leverage popular digital technologies by combining immersive experiences and innovative entertainment with exhibitions. The event was packed with attendees, and the interaction was lively.


BOFT Steers Taiwan MICE Industry Toward New Era of Net Zero Emissions

The Bureau of Foreign Trade commissioned the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to implement its Sustainable MICE, Taking Strides Towards Net Zero project under the MEET TAIWAN program this year (2023). A press conference was held today (April 27) to promote policies and methods for sustainable MICE, encouraging MICE companies to utilize government resources to enhance their competitiveness in corporate sustainability, jointly entering into a new era of net zero emissions.The sustainable MICE project aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, as well as the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. The project is divided into three segments: evaluation and guidance, speaking out and taking action, and encouragement and honor.The first segment, evaluation and guidance, provides three resources: helping MICE companies reduce carbon emissions, the Taiwan MICE Sustainability White Paper, and helping MICE companies gain ISO certifications and producing corporate sustainability reports. These guidance resources are tailored to enhance MICE industry sustainability. MEET TAIWAN provides customized consultation services. Companies may submit applications based on their individual needs and further transition towards sustainability.The second segment, speaking out and taking action, involves promoting Taiwan’s international image of sustainable MICE. Last year, the Net Zero Carbon Events – Route to Net Zero report published by JMIC during COP 27 resounded with the global MICE industry. This year, the Bureau of Foreign Trade and JMIC co-organized an event during COP 28, jointly promoting the net zero initiative for the global MICE industry, the Taiwan MICE Sustainability White Paper, and carbon reduction results of Taiwan’s MICE industry—all contributing to Taiwan’s sustainable MICE image. Taiwan also launched 100 x 100 campaign that called on 100 MICE stakeholders to carry out 100 sustainable MICE actions, jointly engaging in sustainable MICE.The third segment, encouragement and honor, recognizes Taiwan’s MICE companies for their efforts and contributions to sustainable MICE. The annual Sustainable MICE Awards this year will highlight SDGs and carbon reduction with an SDGs Action Award and a Carbon Reduction Action Award. Companies are encouraged to submit the results of their sustainability actions for consideration, providing an opportunity to share and engage in exchanges with MICE peers while increasing exposure.In addition to announcing the Sustainable MICE, Taking Strides Towards Net Zero project, the press conference also declared this a year of carbon reduction and sustainability action for Taiwan’s MICE industry. A variety of action plans were introduced, showing that the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of  Economic Affairs—Taiwan’s competent MICE industry authority—attaches great importance to sustainability issues. Stakeholders of the MICE industry were invited to participate in the event, and a service table was set up at the event site with personnel from the Industrial Technology Research Institute, KPMG, and Taiwan MICE Project Office to provide companies with consultation services for sustainability action plans. This increased the confidence of attending MICE companies and encouraged them to actively support sustainable MICE actions.The Bureau of Foreign Trade provides customized guidance and is now assisting Taiwan’s MICE industry with realizing net zero emissions by 2050. The Sustainable MICE, Taking Strides Towards Net Zero project will steer MICE company growth and enhancement, contributing to Taiwan’s sustainable MICE and international image.


COMPUTEX 2023 to Focus On Six Major Themes In May

COMPUTEX 2023, a major annual event for the global technology industry, will take place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Halls 1 and 2 from May 30 to June 2. This year, the event will feature six themes: High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence Application, Next-Gen Connectivity, Hyperreality, Innovations and Startups, and Sustainability. Themed “Together We Create” and featuring domestic and foreign technology industries, start-ups, venture capitalists, accelerators, and other partners, the exhibition promises the most advanced technology trends and solutions.COMPUTEX is a global top three information and communication exhibition. This year, COMPUTEX has invited 1,000 domestic and foreign technology companies to use 3,000 booths. InnoVEX, Asia's most iconic start-up platform, links Taiwan’s start-up teams with global resources. Overseas start-up teams from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Japan, Italy, Poland, Thailand, and other countries will participate in the show, injecting fresh impetus to the technology ecosystem through abundant innovation energy.COMPUTEX's CEO keynote, which is a highly anticipated event by global technology experts, will make its first physical appearance since the pandemic. Speakers this year will come from leading technology industry firms from home and abroad, providing attendees with in-depth and forward-looking technology insights. The COMPUTEX Forum will focus on hot topics in the information and communication industry with three main foci this year: metaverse, semiconductors, and sustainability, providing an outlook on important industry developments.To improve exhibitor and buyer experience, TAITRA plans a wide range of activities featuring diverse media and resources; these include sourcing fairs, new product launches, in-show live streaming, expert tours, ESG Go sustainability events, innovation competition launches, media nights, and buyer welcome events. In addition, organizers will invite foreign media and technology influencers to witness COMPUTEX’s relaunch after the pandemic, further increasing international exposure for exhibitors. COMPUTEX pre-registration is open and reservations can be made online. The MOEA stated that after the lifting of global pandemic restrictions, the fact that Taiwan has won numerous bids to host international events has become even more meaningful, demonstrating the international competitiveness and visibility of Taiwan’s MICE industry.The MICE industry is a strong backing for Taiwan to develop overseas markets. The MOEA indicated that it will actively assist the industry with exploring international conference opportunities, provide customized bidding services, and carry out digital transformation of the MICE industry to enrich the content and innovation of MICE events, enhancing the resilience and flexibility of the MICE industry. Through strengthening its MICE industry, Taiwan is expected to shine on the international stage.Source: 1111 Business News